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President's message

I am pleased to introduce you to the KARTESIS industries group, a specialist in manufacturing precision parts chiefly for the automotive industry.

KARTESIS industries is an industrial and human adventure that began in the 1950s with family businesses in the Arve Valley.
Our group as it exists today was founded at the end of 2013: a major partner, internationally recognized for our expertise and the high level of our quality and services.

Driven by the desire to respond to our customers' needs as closely as possible, KARTESIS industries currently has 520 employees, 317 machines and 8 production sites spanning 3 continents, united by an "INNOVATION SPIRIT".

At the heart of our industrial process lie 3 centers of excellence:

  • Product performance: improving quality, ensuring compliance and reliability
  • Economic performance: maintaining the group's efficiency, capacity for investment
  • Commercial performance: focus on customer satisfaction and sustained growth

I invite you to explore our new website and communications on the group's values, our environment, approach and processes to discover how all of KARTESIS industries' team members actively contribute towards our customers' success every day.

Enjoy your visit.

CEO of the KARTESIS industries group.