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Values that support our strategy

Within the framework of our development policy, KARTESIS industries has launched a strategic plan for 2015-2020. This approach is based on initiatives aimed at achieving customer satisfaction.

At the same time, our group is committed to social and environmental responsibility through the values that support our strategy.


  • Protect our customers thanks to a comprehensive approach ot their needs
  • Ensure our employees are experts in their field
  • Build a safe and healthy working environment
  • Establish customer-supplier relationships to ensure efficiency as well as respect
  • Anticipate any issues in order to address these without disrupting our service
  • Deploy pragmatic and efficient solutions
  • Encourage productive autonomy thanks to a defined operating framework
  • Learn from our mistakes, accept them and put in place systemic solutions
  • Ensure our suppliers share our values
  • Constantly monitor the efficiency of our processes
  • Make technology a means, not an end
  • Lead the way